Invisible Wires (2016)

The axis of action in Invisible wires is an interpersonal relationship: a fine and invisible wire between two people. This work is the result of collaborations between a group of dancers, each of whom has followed a remarkable path. In a totally physical form, the ideas manifest in a surrealist atmosphere that reflects the style of Julio César Iglesias, a guest choreographer at La Macana.

A production by LaMacana in collaboration with Julio César Iglesias
A creation by Julio César Iglesias with Alexis Fernández, Tanja Marin Fridjónsdóttir, Niko Hafkenscheid, Janis Heldmann, Jacob Ingram-Dodd and Dymitry Szypura.
Production management by Caterina Varela
Production in Germany by Rut Profe-Bracht
Original music by Niko Hafkenscheid
Light design by Afonso Castro

Video by Fabian Schulz
INVISIBLE WIRES is co-produced by AGADIC, Kunststiftung NRW, Theater im Pumpenhaus, Tanzhaus NRW, Graner and Teatro Rosalía Castro.